AEG 37699MO freestanding cooker - Stainless Steel



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Stainless steel finish; black enamel interior - very modern, stylish look; interior cleans easily || 2x semi rapid burners: 1800W/71mm, 1800W/70mm; 2x rapid burner: 3000W/90mm, 1000W/50mm; 1x triple crown burner: 3800W/130mm || Cooking elements: fan; fan + bottom; grill; grill + fan; grill + turnspit; ring + fan; top + bottom; top + bottom + fan || Fan with ring system - circulates hot air evenly which results in faster cooking and more energy efficient || Thermocouple - cuts off gas flow when the pilot flame goes dead; safety feature || Multi layered glass panes - reflective coating keeps heat in